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Real-time performance analysis

Banyan Flow, a cloud-based online system, gives you a continuous visible insight into your employees’ real-time performance and enables you to support high-performing teams. The system delivers a non-traditional, forward-thinking management approach that recognises and develops skills and fuels future performance. Rather than an annual appraisal that looks at what may have gone wrong over the past 12 months, Banyan Flow will give you the tools to manage in the moment and get the best out of people on an ongoing basis.


Highly functioning teams

The system’s key objective is to manage individual, team and organisational performance in real time and in a way that supports positive dialogue and collaboration. It has been proved that people who collaborate form more effective, highly functioning teams. Banyan Flow helps individuals and teams to have a clear understanding of where they are headed and what they need to accomplish.


A humanised workplace

Banyan Flow creates more enlightened work environments in order to maximise people’s performance. The system has a modern, fresh and engaging social media-type interface, which enables users to collaborate and communicate in a constructive manner. It places emphasis on individuals’ skills and shows how these can help cross-functional teamwork. It enables managers to have meaningful conversations with employees about their output and help them fulfil their potential.

Banyan Flow will help you to...


Increase productivity and performance

Banyan Flow enables managers to measure employee activity and productivity continuously. Why is this important? To boost productivity, we need to understand what needs to be improved. Setting goals, monitoring progress and providing constant support helps employees grow.

Regular check-ins about objectives and progress also mean managers can identify areas where an employee might be struggling, enabling steps to be taken to help them improve and reach their full potential, rather than letting them go (and paying the cost of turnover).

banyan flow - increase productivity and performance
banyan flow
Business benefits – Increase productivity and performance

Furthermore, employees are able to keep track of their own performance, improving accountability and giving them the chance to fix any problems. When they are able to identify exactly where time management could be improved, for example, it becomes easier to focus on eliminating distractions. It also creates a gamification effect: ‘How productive was I this week? Am I closer to achieving my objectives?’

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Reduce employee turnover

Employee turnover is a huge drain on resources. On average, the cost of replacing a person exceeds the annual salary of the individual lost. High replacement rates are often down to poor leadership and a lack of clarity and purpose.

Banyan Flow provides the foundation for an ongoing dialogue about performance between managers and employees. It gives managers a constant stream of information, showing how employees are doing across all areas of the business. It helps team leaders ensure that individuals are performing as expected, understand the competencies that are important for their role and the organisation, have clearly defined goals, and development plans in place to expand knowledge and skills.

Everyone needs to know what they are doing well and how they can improve. Ongoing feedback is the best way to acknowledge and encourage employee performance. Real-time management also helps identify and address performance shortfalls before they become serious issues that reduce productivity and contribute to high turnover rates. This helps to establish a stronger working relationship between employee and manager, boosting loyalty and retention.

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Improve collaboration and communication

Collaboration has long been heralded as an important characteristic of highly functioning teams. It moves a company more effectively towards its goals and improves communication and clarity across the business…

Research has shown that 97 per cent of employees and executives agree that levels of collaboration impact directly on the outcome of a task. When a team or department openly shares information and communicates seamlessly, it is at its most effective. Conversely, when employees work in individual silos, it can take longer for a team to finish a particular project.

banyan flow - improve collaboration
banyan flow
Business benefits – Improve collaboration

New employees learn best from their co-workers and those in senior positions, and this is best achieved through collaboration. On top of that, this type of cooperation creates a natural mentor-mentee relationship between new employees and longtimers, which helps inspire and engage both groups even more.

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Grow a more united and focused workforce

Organisations often fail to set goals that visibly connect to the overall business’s objectives, or they simply don’t set them at all. People often work in isolation, which can result in employees not having a clear picture of the link between their performance and the organisation’s success and how their commitment makes a tangible difference…

Banyan Flow enables every employee to be assigned individual objectives that are directly linked to organisational goals. Employees who lack clear direction cannot easily connect the work they do with the business’s success. Linking employee goals to overall objectives helps set expectations for performance and gives workers an all-important context for their contribution.

banyan flow - increase productivity and performance
banyan flow
Business benefits – Grow a more united and focused workforce

It gives them purpose. Linking individual and business goals helps employees understand how their day-to-day output affects organisational success. This helps employees understand their value, which keeps them engaged and motivated, in turn impacting on employee engagement and retention.

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