Helping hand

This function has been designed to make working together and requesting help easier and quicker. When you send a Helping Hand request, the message will only go to people with the competency or skills you need for your project. It provides a more targeted method of reaching the right people.

banyan flow - improve collaboration - helping hand
banyan flow
Improve Collaboration – Helping hand

Competency matrix

Individual competencies are the behavioural skills and knowledge needed to achieve a particular outcome and perform well in a role. Competency Matrix gives you a quick overview of everyone’s competencies. It’s an important tool to help you understand each other’s strengths and collaborate more effectively.

banyan flow - improve collaboration - competency matrix
banyan flow
Improve collaboration – Competency matrix

People’s forum

People’s Forum, or Yammer, is a social media-type online discussion forum. It’s been designed to help you and your team collaborate openly and stay on top of it all.

banyan flow - improve collaboration - people's forum
banyan flow
Improve collaboration – People's forum

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