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People’s profiles

Understanding who does what in the business helps people to communicate and collaborate better. You can search for your colleagues by name or by typing in a specific competency, skill, team, department, etc.

banyan flow - system introduction - people's profiles
banyan flow
System introduction – People's profiles

Company pulse check

Banyan Flow provides an ongoing pulse check to flag up how each team – and the organisation as a whole – is feeling. This vital information about people’s wellbeing enables leaders to make meaningful interventions in the right area at the right time.

banyan flow - system introduction - company pulse check
banyan flow
System introduction – Company pulse check

Recommend a colleague

Praise and recognition form an important part of people’s wellbeing and engagement. The Recommend a colleague functionality enables you to thank a work mate for their help and acknowledge a job well done.

banyan flow - system introduction - recommend a colleague
banyan flow
System introduction – Recommend a colleague

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